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Links To Other Excellent Sites
This is of course upcoming, soon. Or as soon as Beowulf and Ichi get back from that trip to the parking lot they were talking about an hour ago. How long does it take to do all that, anyway? Be that as it may, this Links page when set up will whisk you away to a dizzying array of interesting related pages, some of Reptile House artists, some of our friends and associates, and some...well, some are just strange. But those should be good for your character, and character is important. Who knows, you could become a character actor, and live in Hollywood, drinking champagne mimosas and wondering how the little people survive. And all because of us. So check back in soon, those guys will stumble in here sometime in the next few hours and get back at the programming thing. Maybe. Oh, here they are, and high time, too.

Carey, my friend and collaborator on many of my tracks, has many other wonderful and fascinating musical projects going on. You can keep up on them on her YouTube channel HERE, or download her albums from her Bandcamp page right HERE.  And you should, too. You won't be sorry.


Mike is a Blues Rock legend, a bandleader, a true force of nature on guitar and a good friend. We've played on stages everywhere for almost twenty years together, including many European tours...and hey, we might play some more. You can get a sample of his very cool stuff at his website HERE.


Mr. Wilson is a Science Fiction writer, an investigator into reality, a conspiracy theorist and an all-round good guy. He's passed away now (so he could be ANYWHERE) but his website is still up and maintained by his friends and fans. It's mindbending and highly entertaining, and his Links page is full of crazy fun stuff. You can get there by clicking HERE.


Yes, that's right our Founder and Leader has a separate homepage you can visit and learn more about him and his various multiple personalities than you ever though you wanted to know. Plus more music, jokes, pictures and links to other related sites that will take you further and further into the outer limits of the known Internet. Seal your doom by clicking right HERE.